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  • Horizon Archaeology Inc. is a full service archaeological consulting firm, providing archaeological assessments for residential developments, brownfield redevelopments, industrial sites, green energy projects, hydro-electric projects, mining development and forest management projects.

  • We have international experience in many different world regions.

  • Archaeological assessments are a common requirement in advance of development in Ontario. Planning regulations require different levels of cultural investigation depending
    on criteria, such as, landscape topography, presence of known historic or prehistoric sites or proximity to water and other resources. Why do I need to have an Archaeological Assessment done?

  • A four stage assessment process, implemented by the Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Culture, is designed to achieve the most accurate understanding of Ontario's cultural resources and to protect and preserve these invaluable resources when and where possible. Learn more about the legislated FOUR STAGE PROCESS.


.: Archaeology in Ontario

A Four Stage Process

STAGE 1: Background Study

The background study is designed to provide the archaeologist, and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, with information about the known heritage resources within a study area, and to estimate the potential that other hitherto unknown archaeological sites might also be present there. Learn more about the legislated FOUR STAGE PROCESS in Ontario.

.: International Archaeology


Horizon Archaeology works in different world regions and has managed large and small scale projects in Europe (England, Scotland, Austria, Italy, Greece), the Caribbean, and done extensive work in the Middle East (Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Libya, and Saudi Arabia).



.: Arctic Archaeology

Horizon Archaeology has directed an archaeology assessment on behalf of major mining interests on Baffin Island. Over 250 kilometers of area was surveyed and hundreds of sites located. Working with the proponent we were able to either avoid or mitigate any potential damage to these important cultural resources.



.: Public/Research Archaeology

Horizon Archaeology has had a long and enjoyable history of working with interested members of the public, museums and universities to develop their members interest in history and culture through "hands on" archaeological experience. We offer a full range of potential locations and cultural periods for group activities.

Recent projects include several for local museums and a large, multi-year programme sponsored by Ontario Parks. To find out more visit: www.ontarioparks.com









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